Kalahari Honey 100% Pure, Raw & Untreated


Product Description:

  • 100% Raw Honey made by bees from the Northern Cape, Kakamas area.
  • Honey are sourced from Acacia Trees and Namaqua Daisies but bees may stray off into other floral areas.
  • Bees in the Northern Cape work extra hard to make their honey under extreme heat and cold conditions.
  • This dark honey is very concentrated in flavour with a floral, elegant and multi-layered taste.
  • No heating, irradiation, pasteurization or filtering is done, the raw honey is only strained.
  • The Honey comes from healthy hives.
  • No antibiotics or sugar syrup is used to feed the bees

Product Use:

  • The perfect addition to toast, pancakes or yogurt with fruit.
  • Can also be used for cooking in sweet or savoury dishes, and even as an antiseptic ointment.
  • A very nice replacement for sugar in tea, goes exceptionally well with South African Rooibos tea.


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